Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S

Bridging the gab between Buyers and Suppliers worldwide

JGH Group is a reliable, global, versatile procurement and trading partner for major organizations and governments, working mainly within the sectors of Construction, Energy, PPE, Machinery and Marine. With more than 50 years of trading experience, JGH has become one of today's most respected players in the international trading arena, currently with offices in Denmark, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

As a distributor for some of the World's largest, most dependable manufactures, JGH ensures funding and security for the client until the goods are delivered to, and accepted by the end-user. Extensive trading experience and Worldwide network are just a few of JGH's many trademarks. All manufacturers are followed closely in order to ensure that safe working conditions are established which meet the international codes of practice. 

Your supply is our concern