Quality Policy

Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S - Quality Policy 

Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S always strives to meet our customer's demands and expectations for quality, risks, delivery as well as additional requirements specified by the customer within e.g. compliance with international standards, conditions, labor law and environmental requirements.

Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S has consistent focus on the dynamic issue of work environment, and strives to ensure that all suppliers and partners follow international rules and regulations. Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S ensures compliance of its suppliers and partners according with ILO convention no. 182 and 138.

Through our logistics department, Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S makes sure that goods are delivered on time in accordance with incoming contracts and in case of delays, they will be notified in proper time to the customer and measures will be taken to ensure that the item is delivered as soon as possible. 

Shipments will always be followed to final delivery / handover to client, and a project will only be completed once a final confirmation from the customer or his representative has been received that the item has been successfully delivered in accordance with the agreement.