Fire Engines for East Africa

                                                                                     December 10, 2015

The production of the two (2) Fire Engines for East Africa is proceeding well at our partner factory in Europe. Please see below a few pictures from the assembly line:



                                                                                   September 1, 2015



Our Project Department for Trucks and Heavy Equipment has won a bid for the supply and commissioning of two (2) brand new purpose-built European Fire Engines to the Port Authorities of one of the largest ports in East Africa. The trucks are now being prepared at the factory. The trucks will be delivered with double cabin and equipped with 10,000 liter water tank combined with high pressure water pump and complete sets of state of the art FFE.

Professional training of the end-users will be provided, ensuring that end-users are 100% comfortable in the operation and maintenance of the trucks prior to the final hand-over.

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