Off-Grid Solar PV Farm at Vanuatu

1,2 Mega Watt Solar PV Farm at Devil’s Point in Vanuatu.

                                                                                      March 20, 2017

The Project Department for Renewable Energy has begun the construction of materials for a new Solar Project in the Pacific Region, which will work together with existing windmill already installed on site. JGH will be supplying the materials and carry out a complete installation, training and maintenance of a total of 1,2 MW Off-Grid Solar PV Farm in Vanuatu.

The systems are currently in the production and final design phase, before the installation of the complete system can start. Together with a strong local partner will this installation, commissioning and handing-over to end-users be carried out in close contact with our engineers based at our Headquarter in Copenhagen. The systems are financed and implementing in cooperation with the European Union.

Below is an image from the site at Devil’s Point, where the Solar Farm will be installed:

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