Weighbridges, Mobile Scales and Traffic Counting Station

                                                                                              July 2, 2015

Installation and training of the operators have now been successfully completed and the functioning systems handed over accordingly. Below please find a few pictures from the two weeks of installation and training: 






                                                                                       February 25, 2015

Our Project Department was in October 2014 awarded a contract for the supply and installation of Weighbridges, Mobile Scales and Traffic Counting Station for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Maritime Economy in a West African Island State.

All equipment has now arrived at the destination and foundation works are being prepared by a local contractor. After preparing the sites is complete, our technical staff will supervise the installation of the 4 weighbridges in two key ports of the West African Nation allowing them to closely monitor the weight and load of trucks and vehicles entering the country.

A Traffic Counting Station will be put in place on one of the busiest main roads allowing the end-user to closely monitor the traffic and hence make calculations on how many vehicles pass by per day and which hours of the day are the busiest.

Description of below pictures: Construction of control rooms for Weigh Bridge Systems


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