East Africa Regional Office, Nairobi Kenya

The JGH Group has registered a local company in Kenya named JGH MARINE EAST AFRICA LIMITED, which handles all supply, logistics and contracts throughout sub-Saharan Africa, with particular focus on East Africa. All purchase orders and contracts held by JOHS. GRAM-HANSSEN A/S and the sister company JGH MARINE A/S for this region, are handled from here, providing a trustworthy local contact point for customers and end-users, both in regards to further sale and after-sales services.

Kenya’s key geographical location in the region provides the best access to African hotspots such as South Sudan and Somalia and makes it the ideal place for a branch office.

At the Nairobi office we welcome any inquiry you may have and will be looking forward to your visit.



The Mirage Tower 2

7th Floor, Suite 5

Along Waiyaki Way

P.O.Box. 00100-10643

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 737 821 388

Email: jse@jgh.dk 

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